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John Frusciante

McAfee, who has a record of making mischievous false statements on social media, appeared to suggest his life is in danger.

John Frusciante’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The Peppers were his favourite band: frontman and bassist heroes in his eyes.

Got a John inspired tattoo yesteday : John_Frusciante

Temporarily housed in the Chateau Marmont hotel — famously, the rock star-friendly hotel in which comedian John Beluishi died from a cocktail of drugs — the guitarist was visited by Robert Wilonsky, a reporter from the Phoenix New Times, who was aghast at the transformation which heroin had wrought in the once cherubic guitarist.

What Tattoos Does Emily Maynard Have

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Drugs, ghosts and the radical re

Because the oceans are influenced by lunar cycles, by its waxing and waning and its constant motion and lightless depths, the octopus is considered to be a feminine energy.

Dev’s (Singer) 15 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Having said that, I have a star on my left wrist only traced, not filled , which I had done four years ago, on November 5th 2005 if I rememeber correctly!!! The D in a Gothic font is for the Detroit Tigers.

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In this case, the drawings are cherry blossom branches and pearl threads hanging from them.

Octopus tattoo meaning?

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