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This is the reason why your nipples go hard

I am ready to do almost whatever it takes Rose Hi honey, i know getting your nipples pierced gives you permanently erect nipples but i guess that is abit extreme lol or you can by nippletes which are small nipple pumps which stay on all day, they are mainly for inverted nipples but they do have that effect after a while.

This is the reason why your nipples go hard

Does anyone know a way to get the nipples permanently erect? It just so happens that this experiment coincided with meeting up with my ex-boyfriend for the first time since we split back in February.
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Abscesses usually form in the breast when mastitis is left untreated.

Nipple Orgasms

Still, if you like the aesthetic of nipple piercing, the risk might be worth it! But even if you have sensitive nipples, nipple-clamps deserve a place in your sex toy collection.

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Additionally, your nipple may feel hot.

Can my nipples be erect all the time? (photo)

Wearing "nipple-less" bras and a top with silky, then fabric will keep them surprising hard for a long time, especially if you are moving around and your nipples are rubbing against the fabric.

Is there a way to get permanently erect nipples?

So far, so normal, right? This will help you find out about problems they may have had in the past.

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Nipples, in particular the areola, are extremely sensitive with myriad nerve connections and smooth muscle fibers, the contraction of which is related to hard nipples.

How to increase the sensitivity in my nipples

And sometimes, psychological or emotional trauma, including sexual abuse and breast cancer, could interfere with nipple sensitivity.

This is why you get nipple erections

Talk to your piercer about what type of piercing you want.