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Is there any masculine guys who prefer feminine/effeminated guys?

Go ahead and post in the comment section below what works for you! I get that a lot of girls like masculine guys but to put it in a way that sounds like you would rather date a girl just sounds dumb.

Do you prefer masculine or feminine guys?

Why is that you HAVE to be masculine or whatever that is to not bring shame to the community? Like you, I also prefer guys who are very masculine than me though i wouldn't say i'm effeminate but I learnt not to care about these things when I met my ex-boyfriend.

Why would gay guys be attracted to feminine guys (Poll included)?

Hell, we are living proof.

The Strength in Being a Feminine Gay Man

overly fem dont do it for it me and overly macho dont either.

How Masculine Men Protect Women's Feminine Energy

I agree that Jesus — God in the flesh displayed feelings and empathy and he did as you pointed out weep on some occasions.

Masculine men or feminine men?

Some women love masculine guys with square jaws, bushy eyebrows big nose and a body to die for.

Why do gay men like feminine guys?

I can see why it enrages you that these so-called macho men would prefer other macho men as well since I know a couple of these people online who don't even identify themselves as gay but straight.

The Strength in Being a Feminine Gay Man

And whatever patterns he has will end up coming out in your relationship too.

I'm Really Into Feminine Guys—Is That Weird?

I feel like a lot of gay men embrace the stereotype of the limp wristed, fruity queen.

‘Guys’ isn’t a gendered word anymore. It’s fine to use with everyone.

How else do you explain my ex-boyfriend "Larry? It's becoming more stigmatized these days but the reason I think that some guys repress their heterosexuality is because they had bad experiences with women.