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ives Bekommt Einen Schluck Cum• Her blue, skirtless feather-trimmed 1988 costume for a showgirl-themed short program was considered too theatrical and sexy, and led to a change in the ISU regulations dubbed the "Katarina rule" which required female skaters to wear more modest clothing; skirts were required to cover the buttocks and crotch.

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She placed on a major podium for the first time in 1982, winning silver at both the and.

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While she had some technical problems, completing only three of her planned five triples, she delivered perhaps the most emotional and moving performance of the whole evening.

65 Sexy Pictures Of Katarina Witt Will Spellbind You With Her Dazzling Body

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Kati Witt apps.inn.org Porno

Although Witt finished fifth in , which meant that Thomas could finish second in both the short and long programs and still retain the World title, Thomas' 7th place in the short program due to a small hand down on her double axel put the two skaters on a level playing field ahead of the free skate.

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" Mit "dem Unternehmen Katarina" zehre sie vom Erfolg der Vergangenheit, ohne in der Vergangenheit zu leben.


As a professional she was never as successful competitively as an amateur, often placing last of four or five women in her appearances at the two biggest professional championships Challenge of Champions and World Professional Championships in Landover , but continued to receive great acclaim as an entertainer and show skater.

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Witt's longstanding dominance of the sport was finally punctured when in an upset she placed second to American , the new United States Champion, the.

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Between 1984 and 1988, Witt won ten golds from eleven major international events: two Olympics, four out of five World championships, and six European championships.

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She finished second at the behind Szewczenko, but above Kielmann.