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Admin14.07.2021 Featuring High Quality Tasteful Art of the Male Body

com: Featuring high quality and tasteful art of the male body.

Wetdreams Coffee Table Book

Captured by award-winning photographer, Rundu, Wetdreams was originally released in the early 2000s as a classy collection of nude black men flaunting their best.

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Duo: The calendar, featuring Corbin Furstenburg, pictured, was created by London-based photographer Thomas Knights, 32, and designer Elliott James Frieze, 36, from Wales Models featured in next year's calendar include Lukas Bo for January, Scott Henry for February, Tom Peers for March, Mike Del Moro for April, Robin Van Der Krogt for May and Daniel Newman for June.

Casting, Model, Photographer Rundu

In just a few years, he has since created a book, Red Hot 100, put on exhibitions in cities around the world - including New York - and created a calendar celebrating people with red hair.

Male models pose NAKED in the 'first ever' nude calendar for red

The creators of 2017 Red Hot Exposed have unveiled the 12 images set to feature the calendar• Amateur Photographer more of a hobbie, I am actually more into scouting and booking talents and locations, so thanks to great looking friends and my fantasy island home, they make it so easy - Shades of Jamrock is just one of the mediums i am using to promote and showcase some of the sexiest male models alive, out of the beautiful island of Jamaica.

Casting, Model, Photographer Rundu

Therefore, I write about health, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment from my own experiences.

8 of the Hottest Black Male Models Working Today

are also launching a book of 128 of the images on October 14 in London.

Casting, Model, Photographer Rundu

As they continued South East, some members broke of the long hike, took to the sea and became canoe people, The Canoe people evolved into distinct groups — Ciboneys, Arawaks and Caribs and sailed further into the Caribbean Sea.
Admin07.08.2021 Featuring High Quality Tasteful Art of the Male Body

The front and back cover image are printed directly on the case-bound hardcover and topped off with a foil-stamped dust jacket.

Casting, Model, Photographer Rundu

While the 1st Edition was printed in sepia tones, this sexy oversized sequel is a true duo-tone black and white book.

8 of the Hottest Black Male Models Working Today

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