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Ladies would you let your sister have sex with your man if she was feeling down and depressed? and fellas?


Girls, ever been sitting on a guys lap and have them get hard? Not your boyfriend or husband. Someone that's just a friend or friend of boyfriend?

I turned around facing him and rubbed his penis on my pussy.

I slept with my wifes mother and younger sister and her younger sister might be pregnant.. what do I do?

I thought it was SOOO HOT the way it twitched, and the thought of it made me horny as, LOL.

Does my sister in law want to fuck me?

Yeah, it sucks, but like Dionysus said there's not much you can do about it.

I slept with my wifes mother and younger sister and her younger sister might be pregnant.. what do I do?

But anyway, for several months after my mum told me I went through a roller coaster of feelings; guilt because I couldn't help my older sister, how much I care about her, anger and disappointment towards our dad, grief it almost felt like my dad had died , and wanting to help her.

I saw a video of my sister that turned me on

I love my wife and she loves me which is why it would be very stupid of me not to go through with this.

What do I say to my (half) sister whom I caught giving a blowjob at only 15 years old?

We are still together because of the kids.

Have you ever seen a family member naked and got turned on? I want to know if I'm the only one?

She will be devastated and her life will NEVER be the same because of your inability to keep your dick in your pants.

My wife doesn't want to have sex anymore but my sister

Sure one boy isn't going to harm her but, She is young and curious, Regardless the sexual activity has begun and should be informed about her actions Oh and I agree age 14 is too young for sexual activity and no it's not too late to change anything.

My sister in law want to spend time with me. she doesn't mind if her breast touched to any part of my body by any chance. what does she indicating?

I did as my friend told me and squeezed his balls really really hard, wanting it to be good for him.