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Sickening moment woman yob smashes man with her stiletto heel

woman, your cousin sounds very big.

Woman tramples live

I want to look my best for him.

Man beaten up by gang of women in dresses and heels after night out

Anonymous Aug 01 2012 12:00pm Yes this is too i forget it : Woman Aug 01 2012 12:04pm Woman,no matter how much we men do weight lifting for our lower body we men will never able to match your strength and get bigger thighs like you women! he passed me to the girls many of whom could cradle me in their arms.

Erie woman pleads guilty to fatally crushing boyfriend

He Always Shows Up While not all men are guilty of this, many men will flake out on plans with women they are dating if they have lukewarm feelings towards them.

Wife ‘murdered’ cheating husband by crushing his testicles until he collapsed and died

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 12:35pm When i flex my bicep it is long hard and have a ball in the middle Woman Jul 31 2012 12:36pm Anonymous yep that helps a lot.

Video shows backhoe crushing NYC woman to death

The men that touch your thighs only to see how strong they are, I bet it must make there day.

Sickening moment woman yob smashes man with her stiletto heel

i am amazed your bicep is bigger than my thigh.

Wife Crushes Husband

Butler's death was ruled a homicide "caused by respiratory insufficiency secondary to blunt force trauma to the neck and thoracic compression, exacerbated by blunt force trauma to the head," according to the affidavit.


Anonymous Jul 31 2012 1:16pm James now you are not afraid because you do not know what they can do to you but when you will try it i think you will be afraid if you look at 29 inches thighs Woman Jul 31 2012 1:18pm Anonymous i hope you can feel my power some day Woman Jul 31 2012 1:19pm James,the very first time i got knocked out by being squeezed by a girl or women! After both parties have had their say, the driver gets back in the truck and heads on his way.

Woman Tries To Suffocate Man With Her Butt Cheeks, Fails

Anonymous Aug 02 2012 3:10pm Anonymous, sorry I can't find it? This could be because he values your life experience , but whatever the age difference, if he is into you he will be keen to please you in any way he can.